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You see, it’s 2016, and large-screened smartphones have all but taken over the mobile world. Tablets made the concept of content consumption on portable devices popular, but the so-called phablets is where most of the action is right now. Smartphones, as you know, aren’t just used for calls or messaging – they are our window into the smart world with all its social stuff, instant communications, apps, games and entertainment, all a tap away. It’s easy to see why phablets became popular – they’re best suited to deliver all the goodness of their respective mobile ecosystems in a form factor that offers a large screen real estate, and yet, can just about fit in a pocket. With that in mind, Apple’s decision to launch a 4-inch iPhone seems puzzling, especially with a design that’s, well, old.

Let’s get this straight – with the iPhone SE in your hands, you can’t expect to make a statement. Sure, it carries the Apple logo, but it doesn’t look any different from an iPhone 5 or 5s, except for the new rose gold colour. That said, it’s an iPhone – so it definitely feels premium.

The 4-inch screen sports a resolution of 640 x 1,136 pixels, which translates to a pixel density of 326 ppi. This is the same screen resolution that the iPhone 5 / 5s sported, in fact. The figures don’t seem worth shouting about in an era where flagships rock 2K displays, but don’t let that sour the deal for you. The SE’s 4-incher looks quite vibrant, and I didn’t really have any issue with the colours or the text sharpness.

The upgraded camera is a big part of the story, and the iPhone SE boasts the same primary snapper as the 6s – complete with its 12MP resolution, phase detection autofocus, and the capability to shoot 4K video. For some reason though, the front camera hasn’t received the same love, and is stuck to the 1.2-meg resolution from ages ago. Now that could be a deal killer for selfie lovers, but at least, the Retina Flash feature that brightens up the screen for better low-light self-portraits is there. Features such as the fun Live Photos function are there too.



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